Is This Something You Might Be Interested In?


What if I was to tell you Barstool Bets is having a contest for tonight's Yankees-Astros ALCS Game 4, free to play, with 84 places getting paid out with over $10,000 in prizes?

Now is that something you might be interested in?

Seriously, what more can you ask for? There is over $10,000 up for grabs with no cost? I have no idea how this works, but I'm a bit worried it's going to cost me my salary at some point. Now I'm not going to claim to be some sort of baseball betting guru, but I do believe in one thing. 

If we all put our bets on the Astors there's no way the Yanks can win, right? That's how it works? Mostly I just want to figure out a way to fuck over the Yankees. This is the best option I can think of. You win money, Yanks lose, we all win. 

Just go to or you can download the app and enter the contest before the first pitch of the Yankees/Astros game at 8:08 pm.