Happy Scherzday and World Series Game 1, The Day Max Was Born For

World Series, game 1 is about 11 hours away. Pretty wild. It’s just one of those things that you don’t expect to happen, especially this year. The slow start, the injuries, the questionable bullpen…I mean remember the whole Trevor Rosenthal saga?! Feels like ages ago. But things changed. The team went from lifeless to exciting. Davey went from questionable to dominant. Rendon turned it up to 11. Max and Stras and Corbin proved to be worth every penny. The injuries healed. Soto became the best outfielder in Nationals history. And now look. World freaking Series…with this mad man on the mound:


MLB-Game one of the NLCS between the Washington Nationals and St. Louis Cardinals


I mean this is what it’s all about. Max was born for this. He’s a pitch throwing maniacal robot born for big moments, and this is the biggest of them all. He’d go 150 pitches tonight if they’d let him. Yanking him tonight will be a suicide mission.

And obviously the Stros are trotting a little someone someone named Gerrit Cole. This could be the best starting pitcher matchup since…ever.

We’ll be streaming from the Cave tonight. Buckle up and bring your Natitude.

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