Nats at Houston - WORLD SERIES!!!!!!!! - Game 1 LIVE BLOG

2019 World Series Workout Day

And here it is. A World Series live blog. What a cool part of the job. This is pretty sweet. I am not nervous. There is no need to be nervous. The Nats have been the hottest team since May. I’ll take Scherzer, Stras and Corbin over Cole, Verlander, and Greinke. Scherzer was born for today. He’s been a caged tiger waiting for tonight. I can’t wait to see him tear it up tonight. He’s ready to go 150 pitches. And then you have Rendon. MVP candidate. Ready to get his big contract. This is his time to shine.

World Series time baby. Two best pitchers in the world. This is what it’s all about. Let’s do it. Bring your Natitude. Live blog is LIVE.