Juan Soto's Stats Before Turning 21 Are Better Than Anyone In MLB History And AROD and Big Papi Are Very Impressed

This postseason is without a doubt Juan Soto’s coming out party. Not that he was completely unknown or anything beforehand, but on a national level, Soto has elevated himself very quickly to superstardom. The arrogance, cockiness, and well…the absolutely mashing of the ball. He talks the talk and walks the walk. Last night taking Cole oppo and then almost doing it again has everyone talking about the Kid, comparing him both to legends like Mickey Mantle and the crop of other young superstars like Acuna, Machado, and Trout. What Soto has accomplished at such a young age is astoundingly awesome, and the fact he’s now doing it in the World Series is mind blowing. ARod and Papi have taken notice.

It’s nice to hear the national broadcast appreciate and praise Soto like this. That’s how MLB builds new stars. The player’s natural talent and poise+praise from the national broadcast is how it’s done.

2019 World Series Game 1 - Washington Nationals v. Houston Astros

And good news for Trout, he doesn’t have to worry about being the face of baseball anymore. Soto will take care of that, gladly.

Hopefully he comes up big again tonight. Almost game time. Can’t wait.



PS: Another Barstool Bets contest tonight. Get in. I live bet the entire game on Bets last night and made a little bit of a run last night, was exhilarating. I think I would have won if the Nats got over 5.5. Cannot recommend it more, and it’s free to play.