God Bless This Bettor Who Has A 200/1 Joe Burrow Heisman Ticket And Won't Cash Out For $4000

Can you imagine holding that ticket? Waking up every day knowing you hold gold!

This week, his gambling outfit offered him $3,865.38 to cash out his bet. It has since dropped to $3,500. Take the money and run? Or let it ride for a potential bigger check? “I feel like I’m playing 'Deal or No Deal' or 'Let’s Make a Deal,'” he laughs during an interview this week from his home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The smartest Florida man to ever exist. 

Or is he? Right now, I'd say the Heisman race comes down to 4 players: Jalen Hurts, Joe Burrow, Tua, and Justin Fields. Burrow's chances of winning the Heisman ride heavily on his performance at Alabama in a few weeks. Jalen Hurts will continue to put up numbers, but will Heisman voters get sick of voting for Oklahoma QBs? Tua is injured and we saw his numbers drop significantly on a bummed ankle last year. Justin Fields is most likely Burrow's number one competition at this point. He has a chance to put up massive numbers against Rutgers and Maryland to start off November and then secure the Heisman with big games against Penn State, Michigan*, and then whoever he plays in the B1G Championship. 

What would I do? I'd wait for the week leading up to LSU-Bama. The group of 4 contenders will continue to separate themselves from anybody else with an outside shot to swoop in and win the Heisman. He'd probably be able to cash out around a $5000 profit. Or maybe the Fort Lauderdale fella will just let the ticket ride. It's only $50 after all.