Houston at Nats - WORLD SERIES!!!!!!!! - Game 3 LIVE BLOG


And here we are, World Series game 3 live blog. Coming off 2 wins in Houston, up 2-0 in the series, back home in DC, this is amazing.

And you know what, I feel great. If the Nats can beat Cole and Verlander back to back on the road, there is zero reason not to have confidence in them tonight. None. The city is a buzz with Natitude, the bats are alive, and Greinke has to be shaking in his boots right now.

And keep in mind, today is Soto’s birthday. Is he really not going to go yard on his big 2-1? In your bra.

Let’s go Nats. Make it a 3-0 series. Bring your Natitude. Live blog is LIVE.



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