Nats Lose Game 3 Which Is Unfortunate But Obviously Still Fine

2019 World Series Game 3 - Houston Astros v. Washington Nationals

Well, there ya go. A little bit of coming back to Earth for the Nats. And it’s not because they didn’t play well- I think the Nats played well enough to win, but the situational hitting wasn’t there. They got to Greinke for 7 hits, but only 1 run scored. For the game the good guys were 0-10 with RISP and left 12 on base. Woof! The ducks were on the pond, but were just stranded all night. In another universe they make some contact in those key situations and it’s a 3-0 series.

So tomorrow is a big, big game. You don’t want to let them tie it up 2-2 and give Houston back home field. Make it 3-1, way less pressure, and go into Sunday feeling great.

I think today was good news. They still know they can hit the Stros. A call here, a bounce there, and the series is 3-0. I know the boys in the clubhouse still feel good. Go out tomorrow, execute, bring the Natitude and feel good going into Sunday.

Not worried.



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