Gas Money Bob's Week 8 Bears Preview

Week 7 Recap:

It was ugly. Couldn’t run the ball, couldn’t throw the ball and the defense was on the field so long they looked like shit too. But don’t worry, Matt Nagy is not stupid and they will run the ball more this week. Maybe even 8 or 9 times.

It’s not all on Nagy and his poor play calling. The O-Line stinks and the QB can’t see open receivers and when he does he can’t hit them. Its a problem and something needs to be done and quick.

Mitch needs to stop being “Mitch the Bitch” and start playing like he did on the final drive of the playoff game against Philly.

All-Time Head to Head:

This will be the 13th meeting between these two teams. The Bears hold a 7-5 edge but they have won 6 of the last 7 so they have completely dominated this series.

The Bears should win this one as well but with the way they offense has been who knows. I’ve never been less confident in this team. That being said they were 3-3 at this point last season as well and they went on a roll. Let’s just do that again and take the stress off of all of our lives.

Bear Weather Report:

52 Degrees

Precipitation 0%

Humidity 59%

Wind WSW 9 mph

This is starting to become a cruel joke. Proof that just like the refs, God hates the Bears too. Can we please get some Bear weather before this season is lost, is that too much to ask?

You Bet Your Ass:

Bears -3.5

Over/Under 40.5

I’m not sure what my record is for the season but I know its not good. You can win a lot of money if you bet against me. With that said I am going to try a different strategy. Much like I play my slice in golf by aiming way left I am going to play my gambling slice.

Take the Chargers getting 3.5 and take the under 40.5

Thank me later when you win betting the Bears. You’re welcome.

Fantasy Start ‘em Sit ‘em:


Bears D/ST They didn’t look great last week but that has more to do with being on the field for 90% of the game than anything. I think the offense will be good enough today for the D to get some rest and be able to make some plays. Big game coming for Mack today.

Allen Robinson The only guy that has done anything this season for the Bears O and he’ll do it again today. “Not a Bitch” Mitch will get him the ball early and often.

No one else on either team is worth a start. Sit the rest of your Chargers and Bears.

The Chargers

Offense: They have big names in Rivers, Gordon, Allen, etc but I don’t think Allen is going to play Gordon is not the same and Rivers will get eaten alive by this Bears D. They might get a lucky TD and a few FGs but I don’t think they’ll do much more than that.

Defense: They are middle of the road defensively giving up just over 20 pts/game. They have a couple of edge rushers that could be a problem. If the Bears can give Mitch a little bit of time they should be able to move the ball on this D.

Da Bears

Offense: It has been pathetic this season other than A-Rob. This is a shit or get off the pot game for Mitch. We need this guy to step up for the sanity of the fan base. It would be nice to see the line open up a couple of holes for Monty as well.

Defense: They are still the best in the league but the offense has been fucking them the past two weeks. As long as they don’t have to spend the entire game on the field they should be back to the dominant Bears D that we are used to. I said it earlier but I think Mack is going to feast today.

Fun Fact:

Philip Rivers is a confirmed 9 time sex haver. Congrats Phil!

Game Prediction:

Bears 21

Chargers 18

Coming Up Next Week: We head to Philly to get revenge.

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