Max Scherzer Has Been Scratched From Tonight's Start - Not Great!!!

What the fuckkkkkkkkkkkk!!!??!?!

This is unreal. For Max not to be able to pitch tonight he must be paralyzed. Literally paralyzed. He’s the toughest, meanest dog there is. Nothing stops him from pitching. Nothing. So I cannot imagine the level of pain he must be in. He would pitch if it was a 9.9/10 on the pain scale. This must be a 13. Unreal.

So now the ball goes into the hand of Joe Ross. Which is uhhh…I don’t know…not exactly what you want in a World Series game. I actually was a Joe Ross apologist for a while, but he never fully developed his stuff. But now is his time to shine. To put it all out there. And to be fair, he threw decently in the later parts of the season:

This could be an all time miracle game. Joe Ross from the clouds like a god damn angel going 7 strong in relief of Max Scherzer. As if Max gave him his powers. Lettuce pray.

We’ll see you on the stream tonight.