Not To Get Political But A Presidential Candidate Wants To Legalize Online Poker Nationwide So Let's Just Make Him The King Of The USA

Note: this is not a political blog. I don’t want people to start ranting and raving about Trump or Liberals vs Conservatives or anything like that. The fact it’s always one side vs the other and people can never meet in the middle ground to be rational is infuriating.

That all being said…

If you’re a candidate running on the platform “legalize online poker”, you have my vote, hook, line, and sinker. I don’t need to know anything more about Andrew Yang. He could be the worst candidate ever. He could also be running on the platform that balding bloggers should be executed, and I’d *still* vote for him.

It’s just wild to see a presidential candidate mentioning online poker at all. Sometimes I feel it’s a complete lost cause. For some reason DFS, sports betting, and weed have all made ginormous jumps in legalization seemingly over night, but online poker is just shoved onto the backburner. Makes no sense at all. Literally none. If DFS is considered a game of skill, poker should fall into the same jurisdiction. It’s such a no-brainer. And plus it’ll be regulated, which means big tax dollars. And if there is one thing the government loves, it’s tax dollars. They LOVE tax dollars. The government is like “you know all that money we already take from you all year? Give us more in April!”

But anyway, I’m glad to see someone in the political realm remember online poker should be legal for us adults to play whenever we want. Thank you Andrew Yang. And please, come on the Cracking Aces podcast, we would love to have you.

Speaking of, last week was one of my favorite episodes yet. We answered a bunch of listener questions like what games to play, how to build a bankroll, where to play underground games, and some personal stories from me (a poor person) and my cohost (a rich person) about taking shots in bigger games. It was a very fun and relatable episode, appreciate everyone who subscribes, listens, and downloads.