The Nats Had A World Series Parade Today - Here Are The Highlights

Today’s World Series parade was without a doubt the most laid back parade of all time. There weren’t a ton of “viral moments” because quite literally everyone was so polite, so genuinely happy, that it went off without a hitch.I mean look at the backdrop- they are having a parade past the Capitol Building, the Washington Monument,  Jefferson Memorial, The National Mall, it’s just incredible scenery.

It looked like a fantastic time. Smiles everywhere, as far as the eyes can see. A blacked out Dozier set the tone,

and here are the rest of the highlights from today’s festivities:

Fantastic throw and catch to Trea.

Max really let his hair down- he’ll be back lifting weights and being a psychopath at 6am tomorrow morning though, don’t you worry.

Great signs.

Some things….

District of Champions…

Buy! Buy! Buy!


Bob is a legend. Eaton’s not too bad either.

DC showed up today. Great crowd, great vibes, great times. DC definitely digs this whole “championship parade” thing…and good news…It’s the Caps year baybay.


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JeanRalphi0 11/2/19 11:33 PM

You’re an Orioles fan.


bananabreadbro 11/3/19 8:41 AM

Not gonna lie, Trea snagging that beer was a beautiful thing.

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