College Basketball Has Returned And We Are Here To Bet The Hell Out Of It. (Also Other Sports As Well)

Today marks the return of College Basketball, and that is spectacular. College basketball means our schedules will almost never be barren. We will always have a plethora of games to choose from and that means we should, in theory, become better bettors. We will see if that actually pans out or not, but either way there is a lot to choose from and tonight I am taking full advantage of that and betting ten games. Honestly, it has me a little queasy betting that many games to start the night, but I can’t back out now. The tickets are in, all we can do is cash them. Let’s do it.

NCAA Basketball Tournament - East Regional - Washington DC

College Basketball Winners:

Miami +6.5

Duke +2.5

Mississippi State -15.5

Wyoming -7.5

NHL: NOV 03 Flames at Capitals

NHL Winners:

Vegas Golden Knights ML -140

Carolina Hurricanes/Philadelphia Flyers Under 6.5

Toronto Maple Leafs Puck Line -1.5 +100

Winnipeg Jets ML -135

Calgary Flames -160

New Orleans Pelicans v Oklahoma City Thunder

NBA Winner:

*Nate Dogg Special* Oklahoma City 1H -1

Alright, let’s cash these tickets baby!