PFT Commenter Is Going To Wax My Inner Asshole

Well, I guess I’m a Lannister because it’s time for me to pay my debts. Look, do I trim up the ole pubes on a regular basis? Absolutely not. I think shaving your pubes is an abomination to the Lord most of the time. We didn’t go through centries and centries of evolution that gave us glorious manes of pubic hairs so that I could get rid of nature’s natural protection whilst I’m in a dirty ass city like New York.

But, nevertheless, my beloved Astros lost to the Washington Nationals so I will be riding my body of pubic hair next week.

“Chaps! Chaps! Aren’t you concerned that your body will look like a naked, wrinkly newborn rat that also happens to have a fat stomach and a disgusting face sans beard?”

Well, I wasnt before but now that you mention it, I’ll be honest. It hasn’t been my best month. There. That’s some bravery for you even before Veterans Day.