Gas Money Bob's Week 10 Bears Preview

I’m going to switch things up this week. The Bears are off to a rough start after sky high expectations. We’re at the point where every single thing Mitch or Nagy does or says gets blown way out of proportion. Shout out to David Haugh who shockingly didn’t latch onto the Mitch turning the TV off story.

Anyway, so this season is in a free fall and something needs to be done to turn it around. Well, here I am and here are my suggestions to reverse the downward spiral and put us back on track for a Super bowl run.

Let’s start with the QB. Mitch has been god fucking awful this season. So what do we do about it? Well, first off Mitch needs to embrace the ways of Super Bowl Champion, Jim McMahon. Stick a fork in your eye, drink a shitload of Bud Lights and get blackout drunk, spit on my buddy Dan for trying to sell you your own lost golf ball.

What I am trying to say is get some balls and an edge. Have some confidence in yourself. It’s a game that you are good at when you don’t play like a bitch.

Next let’s look at the O-Line.

It is looking like they are going to put Daniels back at Left Guard and Whitehair back at Center. It can’t hurt. They need to do something but the bigger problem is the Tackles. They need to start playing a lot more like Jimbo Covert and Keith Van Horn did in 1985.

Do whatever it takes to protect your QB for as long as possible. The more time Mitch has the less he will Panic and before you know it he’ll start hitting those wide open receivers. Have some pride, punch someone in the mouth and knock their fucking teeth out.

Now that we have that figured out let’s move on to the head coach. Nagy likes to get a little too cute with his play calling but this has been proven a failure. You know who has never been associated with the word cute even when he was a baby? That’s right, Michael Keller Ditka, that’s who.

Nagy needs to grow a pair and call his players out on their bullshit. Football players thrived on being disciplined. You lose your position as an authority figure, you lose the locker room. Get some fire, get some passion, and lay into these motherfuckers.

We move on to the defense. I still think the D is great but I would love to see them put the fear into opposing QBs the way the ’85 Bears D would. Every QB that faced that Bears D was scared shitless especially after Wilbur Marshall ended Joe Ferguson’s life.

Bear Weather Report:

42 Degrees

Precipitation 15%

Humidity 70%

Wind N 12 mph

We’re getting there folks. I would rather push the game back to this Tuesday but we should be able to take care of business in this weather.

You Bet Your Ass:

Bears -6.5

Over/Under 39

The Lions have no chance today. The Bears will cover this one but the Lions won’t do much so put everything you have on the Bears -6.5 and under 39.

Game Prediction:

Bears 24

Lions 10

Coming Up Next Week: We head to LA to beat down the Rams and move our winning streak to 2

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