Lou Williams Found Out The Clippers Got Kawhi And Paul George While Playing Roulette In Vegas And The Casino Started Freaking Out

I can't get enough Lou Williams stories, they are always outrageous and he's high on the list of NBA dudes I'd like to hang out with. There was the one of him where his girlfriend had a girlfriend so he dated both of them and called them 'Blonde' and 'Brown'. There's the one of him being robbed at gunpoint and instead of being robbed he calmed the guy down and took him to get dinner. And now there's him gambling his ass off in Vegas when he found out that the Clippers became title favorites. 

I mean, shit, this is the video him and Pat Bev put out pretty much immediately after this story he tells ends: 

And then he tweeted this out about the Clippers: 

I need to know if Paul George knew that he was about to be a Clipper when he dapped up Lou Will in the casino. If he did and didn't tell his teammate what was about to go down that's a bit fucked up, but on the other hand maybe he wanted Lou Will to focus on his gambling performance. I also can't imagine being in a casino in Vegas during Summer League when this news broke. 

Lou Will and Pat Bev, still the best duo in the league. I mean you can take your Boban and Tobias Harris, I'll take Lou Will and Pat Bev just running around Vegas together.