Puck Line Jesus Strikes In Denver As Leafs Cover With .1 Seconds Left

Holy shit, folks who bet the Leafs on the puck line tonight were riding the Heart Attack Express. The Leafs had a 4-1 lead after 1. On the road -1.5, that’s a good spot to be in as a bettor. But this is the Avs we’re talking about and they were far from done as they cut the deficit to 4-3 with 13 minutes left. They couldn’t get the equalizer and, with the puck deep in the Toronto zone with less than SIX seconds left, it was looking like only Leafs money line would cash. Until…

Zach Hyman busted through the red line then the blue line to score and deliver a #PuckLineJesus miracle cover with .1 left on the clock. Un-fucking-believable. Talk about having a horseshoe up your ass. Might want to call it a week after a cover like than instead of giving it back on awful NFL picks tomorrow.

Good luck to all.