The Celtics Made A Massive Leap In The Latest NBA Title Odds So What Does Vegas Know?

Well this is interesting. I don't think anyone is surprised about the top 5 teams that Vegas has in terms of odds to win the title, but then we see the scrappy underdog Boston Celtics somehow creeping in with the current 6th best odds to win the whole damn thing. Pretty shocking considering just one month ago they were sitting at 40/1 

as we know they then had that nice little winning streak that pretty much surprised everyone. The thing is, this new update comes after their current "skid" where they've gone 3-3 over their last 6. Granted, 4 of their 5 losses on the season have been by 5 points or less, and they did play every team close on their West Coast trip, but that's still a pretty impressive jump.

I won't sit here and tell you I'm a gambling expert, farrrrr from it. I am way too cheap to get caught up in all that, so I asked around and got some insight on what this means. I just wanted to make sure this jump wasn't solely because a ton of people suddenly started putting a lot of money on the Celts to win the whole thing after their hot start. The feedback I got was that it's probably a mix of both that and Vegas thinking the Celts are actually pretty good. Maybe this is their way of saying that they, much like a lot of people, underestimated this team at the beginning of the year. Seeing as how you can't ignore what Vegas says I'm inclined to believe them.

But it begs to question though, what do they know? For example MIA has been just as surprising as the Celts, they have the same record, are just as good at home and have some good talent. Why didn't their odds jump like that? Same with DAL. I get they play in the West, but did you see what they just did this past week against the best of the best in that conference? No change at all feels weird. Maybe this is because Hayward looks fantastic, the Jays are flourishing, and Kemba has come in and provided that All NBA production this team needed in replacing Kyrie. Maybe Vegas knows of something in the works that Danny Ainge is going to shock the league with. A big man? Bench scoring help? Something where we hear they were 90% of the way there on a massive trade but ultimately it fell apart so they ended up signing a no name buy out guy? It's all on the table in my opinion.

All I know is this. If their strong play to start the season wasn't enough for you to believe that this Celtics team could potentially be very real when it comes to contending in the Eastern Conference, and if the metrics that show they are in that second tier below MIL in the East wasn't enough for you to buy in, well now we have Vegas on our side. I was told this is good value for anyone looking to maybe put some money on the Celts so take that for what it's worth. I just know Vegas doesn't get accused of being a homer like a certain blogger does, and they're pretty much confirming what every optimistic Celtic fan feels at the moment. 

Win this week against MIA and DEN and we could really have something here.