The Wolfpack Has Invaded Atlantic City

The Wolfpack is back where it belongs, back where it is most comfortable and back where it is at its most productive. The Wolfpack is back on the road. This morning Big T, Lo Duca and myself got in my truck and hit the road south to Atlantic City. The gambling capital of the eastern seaboard. Now as much as we enjoy a gambling road trip, we decided to up the stakes for this bad boy. We decided to get a little competitive. We decided to see if we could gamble for 24 straight hours and see who had the most at the end of the 24 hour period. The rules are as follows:

We each start with a $500 bankroll that must be rolled over at least 1x. So you can't just bet $50 and say you have $450 at the end.

We must have continuous action for the 24 hour period from Friday 8pm eastern to Saturday 8pm eastern. We are starting with the Pac-12 Title game and ending with the B1G Title game. Action can include sports, horse racing, dog racing or casino gambling. 

The person who loses first will be punished. If that person is Paul he will die his mustache and only his mustache blonde for a week. If that person is Big T he will wear head to toe Florida Gators gear one day next week at work. If that person is me I will lose my beloved cowboy hat and forego any headwear one day next week at work. 

These are some of the events we will potentially be betting:

8pm: Pac-12 Championship Game

9pm: Mens CBB, Pittsburgh v. #1 Louisville

10pm: Capitals v. Ducks

10:35pm: Lakers v. Trail Blazers

1am-7am: International Horse/Dog Racing/Casino Gambling

7:30am: Everton v. Chelsea

10am: Bournemouth v. Liverpool

Noon: Big 12 Championship Game, Men’s CBB, Horse Racing, Dog Racing

1pm: Senators v. Flyers

2pm: Pelicans at Mavericks

3:30pm: American Conference Championship Game

4pm: SEC Championship Game, MWC Championship Game, Joshua v. Ruiz Title Fight

7pm: NBA/NHL

7:30pm: ACC Championship Game

8pm: Big 10 Championship Game

We will provide updates via social media, but we will live stream for at least a few minutes every hour at the top of the hour. Check our twitter for those: @BlackJackFletch, @PaulLoDuca16, @ConnerHKnapp.

Also, no sooner than the minute we pulled into town Big T saw a billboard for Idina Menzel tonight and is desperately trying to find a way to attend that show. I can't judge too much because Michael Fucking Bolton is playing tomorrow and if I'm up, we'll be there as well. We are about to embark on a journey, friends. Come ride with us. Come ride with the Wolfpack.

#Wolfpack #FRB