I Take It As A Supreme Compliment that The Twitter Eggs At Bleacher Report Spoofed Our Gambling Cave

I’m a couple days late on this, but I had to mention it real quick. The twitter eggs at Bleacher Report did a spoof video of the Barstool Sports Gambling Cave last week. Now lots of people were tweeting it at me asking if I was mad about them blatantly coping us? Umm come on fellas. There is no way they intended this to be taken seriously. I mean nobody, not even the twitter eggs at Bleacher Report are that obnoxious and obvious about ripping off other people’s content. Like this was basically identical to our setup in every way possible. In fact I actually thought this was shot in our office when I first saw it. It was clearly a tip of the cap to us. I mean I wasn’t mad when SNL spoofed Tommy and the Vape God and I wasn’t mad about this. This is like the highest compliment you can get. When you’re competitors stop trying to beat you, slander you and start creating skits and content based around what you do. It’s called bending the knee. That’s when you’ve made it. I mean it’s a long way from this. I guess they finally realized if you can’t beat em join em.