Haskins Shines, Redskins Lose, Eagles Wildly Cover

Almost the perfect outcome for the Skins. I mean I always root for wins because winning is much more fun than losing, but today, despite the loss, was as close as optimal as it gets. Haskins balled out, finishing 19/28 for 261 and 2 TDS, including 1 to Terry McLaurin who finished with 130 of those yards. 

We also got to see Josh Norman, who is now the 7th string CB, give up the game winning TD, to cement his legacy of yet another terrible signing in the Bruce Allen era.

There were plenty of positives from today’s game to build on for next year. Let’s get Haskins a better Oline, a weapon other than McLaurin, and some help on defense. Oh and fire the fuckkkk out of Bruce Allen.