MORE COWBELL: 12/18 College Basketball Picks

mississippi state

Mississippi State -12 vs Radford

Size, size and more size. Mississippi State is going to be WAAAYYYY to much for Radford to handle. They just don’t have the Jimmy’s and Joe’s as they say. I think Mississippi State overwhelms Radford and runs them out of the gym. But at the same time what the fuck do I know. I’ve been on the wrong side of Mississippi State all year long. I’m giving them one more chance here. Shoutout Brandon Walker and shoutout that god damn cow bell. I hope I can hear those mother fuckers ringing all the way in New York after a blowout win.

Gonzaga -12.5 vs North Carolina

I’m making this pick for two very simple reasons. Gonzaga is pretty damn good and North Carolina is god awful. Not only are they god awful, but Cole Anthony is out and he is the only player on the roster that you can consistently rely on to score and get his own shot. My Ohio State Buckeyes mollywhopped them in Chapel Hill even with Cole Anthony. Gonzaga isn’t as good as Ohio State in my humble and non biased opinion but they’ve got plenty to win this game by 13 or more especially with Cole Anthony on the shelf and the game being at Gonzaga.

Baylor -21 @ UT Martin

Baylor is my going back to the well lock of the night. They’ve been good to me time and time again and I’m going back to them here one more time. Baylor plays great defense, distributes the ball well and UT Martin is atrociously bad. They’re only win in the last month was over Boston University…… who is also atrociously bad. I don’t even care if they somehow cover, if you take your hard earned money and bet it on UT Martin you’re an absolute lunatic. Take Baylor and thank me later. Shoutout Aubrey Graham.