BlackJack's Pick Four of the Day: Aqueduct

Alright, so we had our Christmas Party last night, it was a spectacular success. Nobody did anything even remotely stupid or embarrassing, so all around it was a great time. Now this morning we are back at it. No rest for the wicked, my friends. I looked around at the cards and I like the late Pick Four running at Aqueduct today. Let's cash this thing.

BlackJack's Aqueduct Pick Four:

Race Five: The (1) Tiz Epic has the benefit of a great rider/trainer combo with Manny Franco and Linda Rice. He is also off a win and seems to be a natural progression to this field. Cover with (2), (5), (6), (7).

Race Six: I like the (4) Am Impazible here with Eric Cancel aboard and off a win against similar competition. This will be a race with considerable pace so I'll also use (5) and (7).

Race Seven: This feels like a two horse race to me. I like the combination of Jason Servis and Jose Lezcano on (7) Chateau. I will also use (1).

Race Eight: You know the strategy. Don't get beat in the last. We want coverage here and lots of it in an open race like this. I lean to the (9) My My Michelle with Kendrick Carmouche and Michelle Nevin training, but also use (2), (4), (10).

BlackJack's Aqueduct Late Pick Four: 1,2,5,6,7/4,5,7/1,7/2,4,9,10

Ticket Cost: $60

Let's cash this ticket, baby!