Random Twitter User Makes Up Story About Joe Burrow's Dad Betting $2k On Him At 200/1 Odds To Win Heisman

If I had to teach a class in college on how false information spreads throughout the internet, I'd start with CNN and MSNBC. 


I'd actually start with this tweet. It's a great story, one that you want to believe. That being the case, people will blindly retweet it without even realizing that the Twitter user referred to the Heisman winning QB as "Joe Burrows." 

This tweet is entirely made up. It's no surprise that the tweet had a reply from the OG tweeter with a video that he produced (until he deleted it). Now, the replies look like this:

And of course a "FOLLOW ME!"

It's all made up, folks. 

At least Jared Christopher got his 6k RTs and 45k favorites!