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The Most Confusing Team In The Country Is The Duke Blue Devils

We are playing Fucking Brown. A team predicted to come in 5th in the Ivy league, this game shouldn’t be close. The best thing about this team is that we have depth but today everyone was looking for someone else to score. I know there is no Tre Jones but come on. This bastard on Brown was averaging 3ppg and he doubled that shit in the first 5 minutes. Also the fella on Brown, you have to give it up man. This suckbag is my age, 25 years old and married. I hate to tell you but this is college where 18 year old kids are dunking over you.

I hate to say this but Wendell Moore Jr. stinks. I have been waiting for awhile to see if he would bring anything to the table but all he brings is offensive charges. He is a huge recruit that needs to start doing things to contribute. Cassius Stanley just came back he will be fine but we can’t just rely on Vernon Carey. When you start to rely on one guy things will never end well. Listen everyone needs to know there roll. Alex Occonell and Matthew hurt have to be hitting threes because were not a great shooting team. I know they have played one game in like 2 weeks but you are still Duke you need to pummel Brown into the ground.

The good news is we still won by double digits and we wasted a bad game on a bad team. Conference play is coming up and we will see what this team is made of. This is a year fucking Dayton can win the National Championship but fuck that it is Dukes year.

ps – Duke -28 was selfish by me. I knew they were going to be rusty but for how bad they played to almost cover just shows how good they really are. They can go on a run faster then anyone so I am not worried at all. Duke YEAR.