January 7th College Basketball Picks: The Year Of The Rat-Line


What a glorious Tuesday it is! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the gambling gods are shining down on us because ya wifey’s favorite big boy went 4-0 last night on the slate. They say the money is in the crumb and we picked up all those motherfuckin’ crumbs! That’s how you start a damn week! But any real gambler knows it’s not about where you sit on Tuesday morning, it’s where your balance is at when you go to sleep on Sunday night. Can you sleep good knowing you’re in the clear? Or are you staying up all night in a pool of sweat trying to figure out how the hell you gambled away the rent again? Lets not think about that and try to keep the momentum rolling. Positive vibes only.

Rutgers +1.5 and ML vs Penn State

*sniffs vehemently* I smell a rat-line people. The number 20 ranked team in the country is going to Rutgers as only 1.5 point favorites? INJECT THE SCARLET KNIGHTS +1.5 AND ML INTO MY VEINS. People associate Rutgers with being trash because of how atrocious their football program is, but they have a legit basketball team in New Jersey. The Rutgers Athletic Center in Piscataway is sold out tonight and all my sources deeply rooted in the Rutgers community are telling me they’re treating this like Game 7 of the NBA Finals. I LOVE Rutgers tonight. I love love love them. Let’s bring one home for the boys in Jersey.

Texas Tech -3.5 vs Baylor

In a slate of rat lines this might be by far the most rat. It makes absolutely no sense. Baylor has been amazing this year. They’ve played incredible team defense and have a few good wins on their schedule. On the other hand, they’re headed to an extremely hot and well-coached team in Texas Tech. When you see these teams and this line you have no choice but to take Texas Tech. It makes no sense therefore it makes perfect sense. The Red Raiders are gonna win this game and win it easily.

Creighton -1.5 vs Villanova

Villanova has been very Jekyll and Hyde this season. They’ve shown the ability to beat Kansas and also lose to Marquette. Both coming off losses I like the home team here in Creighton. We’re not only reading the rat-line but I’m just a believer in the fact that Villanova is just not a very good basketball team. I think Creighton finds a way to get it done tonight in a battle of very similarly built teams. Let’s cross our fingers, eat the cheese and try to stay undefeated on the card in 2020 baby.