Scumbag Louisville Fans Sent DEATH THREATS To Jordan Nwora After They Lost To Kentucky

I mean I want to say I'm surprised, but Louisville fans are complete scumbags. There's absolutely zero shock that they are sending death threats to Jordan Nwora for losing to Kentucky. Why? Because someone lost $15, which I get that in Louisville that $15 goes a long way for a chinstrap beard and shitty tattoo, but why would you bet on Louisville? They never beat Kentucky. This isn't uncommon. This wasn't even an upset! 

Jordan Nwora is your All-American! If you make a Final Four and actually do something it's going to be in large part due to Nwora. I don't know, call me crazy, but as a fan of a team that has a bunch of success we don't threaten to murder our own players. That's just the difference between classy Kentucky fans who understand the game and scumbag Louisville fans who are worried about $15. 

This is just another morning I wake up and thank God I made the decision to go to Kentucky. I'm happy to be part of a fan base that respects the game and would never attack our own players. We just get it and refuse to be a disgrace to our university and state. 

It's obviously disgusting behavior, but again, Louisville fans are disgusting. I hope he costs Louisville fans $15 all year just to piss them off now. No one deserves it more than these trash people of Louisville.