Great News For UNC-Chapel Hill Fans! You Guys Are A Favorite .... To Win The NIT

Look, UNC-Chapel Hill fans. Things are on the up on up! Who cares that your coach apologized to the entire fan base for how pathetic the performance was at home against Georgia Tech on Saturday? Who cares that your head coach then followed that up by saying this is the least gifted team he's ever coached and they stink on Tuesday? Look now, outside of the field you're the favorite to win the NIT! 

This is big time for what's a mid-major this year. Again, this team wouldn't finish in the top-2 of the SoCon as constructed. Now you're a favorite to win the NIT? They'll probably hang a banner in Chapel Hill for that! Roy can finally get his redemption for losing the NIT title game back in 2010. Great way to start a new decade down there for UNC-Chapel Hill. 

Better get those bets in now before the steam comes in and pushes the value down below 10/1 or even more, UNC doesn't finish .500 and misses out on the NIT too. Wonder what the CBI odds are?