January 9th CBB Picks: I Hate Michigan But I Love Money

fab 5

4-0 Last night

2020 ATS Record: 10-2

What a start to the decade it’s been. 10-2 and another 4-0 night last night. HUGE double winner with Pitt coming through and winning outright in Chapel Hill. Proving my theory that whenever a coach publicly says their entire team is trash on national radio you must immediately fade them in their next game. Rhode Island and Arkansas both held on late to cover and clean sweep the night. When you’re hot you’re hot and right now ya wifeys favorite big boy is HOT. Fade me if you’re a big dummy. (I wouldn’t fault you if you faded me I’m so due for a stinker)

Michigan -5 vs Purdue

As a (THE) Ohio State alum it pains me to say this but I absolutely LOVE Michigan tonight. I may despise the school and entire sate with every fiber of my being, but I love money and winning a hell of a lot more than I hate Michigan. This is a business decision and I like what Juwan Howard has done with this team. Coming off a tough loss to Michigan State and losing three of their last five I think Michigan gets back on track tonight and blows Purdue out at home in Ann Arbor.

Oregon -3 vs Arizona

Oregon has been one of the better teams in all of College Basketball ATS sitting at 11-4 (the only record that matters). I love betting the Ducks at home. I love that weird court with weird yellow trees on it. I don’t think it’s possible for anyone to love anything as much as people from the state of Oregon love trees and recycling. I also love Payton Pritchard who is at the top of the 2020 CBB power rankings in terms of white, annoying, scrappy point guards who are actually very good. 19 and 6 assists in 34 mpg while also spending 17 years in college will get you to that number 1 ranking. It’s also gonna be what leads the Oregon Ducks to a big time conference win tonight at home in Eugene. Quack, quack baby.

Santa Clara +6.5 @ San Francisco

It breaks my heart to fade the Dons, it really does. I don’t wanna do it but I have too. The San Francisco Dons have fucked me one too many times and by one too many times I mean twice. I put my faith in them against Stanford and they got blown out and I put my faith in them against Hawaii as favorites and they lost outright. Therefore I have absolutely no choice but to fade the Dons vs 14-2 Santa Clara. I’ll take these 6.5 points every damn day. Frankie Ferrari isn’t on the team anymore and for that reason I’m upset  I ever bet on them in the first place. I should know better. But now I do. Take Santa Clara to the bank.