Sorry Maine-iacs, Your Governor Just Vetoed Sports Betting Despite It Passing In The House and Senate

In June Maine was all set to legalize sports betting, which is being legalized state by state nation wide. She had until today at 11:59 to sign it, veto it, or do absolutely nothing with it, which would have made it a law. And what did ol’ Governor Mills do? What did she do?


It passed in the House. It passed in the Senate. And then she decided she’s smarter than the room and had to protect everyone from evil, evil sports betting. Poor Maineiacs. Guess it’s back to the salt mines or whatever goes on up there. Brutal.

Eventually sports betting will be nationwide. I would guess within 5 years 45 states will have it fully legalized. And I’m guessing 15 states will have online poker within 5 years. Slowly but surely this country is getting it’s priorities right. Adults just want to sit on their couch, fire some bets at the NBA, and see some flops on the virtual felt.

Oh and speaking of, congrats to Michigan! You’re getting PokerStars!

Man, who doesn’t miss the good ol’ days of loading up PokerStars on a Sunday and firing at the entire tournament schedule? Simpler days, my friends. It doesn’t look like Michigan will share a player pool with any other states at the beginning, but they left that open to happen later on (And you have to assume at some point, all the states will once again share a player pool, which would be huge). And not for nothing, don’t sleep on the impact Michigan legalizing makes. They are the 10th biggest state by population. If other states see what Michigan and the recently legalized Pennsylvania are generating in tax dollars, it’s possible they will hop on board as well. *Cough* looking at you, New York *Cough*.