Syracuse/Virginia Hitting The Over Is A Travesty And Needs To Be Investigated

This is your true bad beat of the day in the college basketball world. I'm pretty sure everyone was on the under in this game, because neither team can score. Syracuse scored 19 points in the 2nd half! What did they do in OT then? 

32 goddamn points in the 2nd half! All of a sudden Syracuse started looking like the goddamn 2017 Warriors. Buddy Boeheim was making shit like this 

Big Cat had it right years ago: life is too short to bet the under. 

I need an investigation into both of these programs though. How did Virginia give up 20 points in 5 minutes? How did Syracuse learn to score? It's not like either of these teams are good, so we can rule that out. Something fishy, might have to get Mush on it.