Duke Loses But Did This Clemson Fan Lose An Eye?

I will get to Duke even though there isn’t much to say but at least our fans can wave a towel. I have watched this video 50 times. This fella was holding his eye like it fell out of his head but he kept waving that towel. Nothing was getting in his way but that shit is funny. The guy behind him was having none of it because he knew how out of control his towel waving is. Towel waving is no joke you need to stay in your area because there can some injuries, Dave Portnoy can tell you a story about this at the Bruins game.

This is the only thing getting me through this disgusting loss. You can’t be losing to mediocre teams. We need to get the #1 for the tournament and I know it is hard to win on the road in conference but we are 10x better then Clemson. Matthew Hurt needs to play defense so he can be in for three point shooting and I can’t believe I am saying this but Jack White played unreal. Going forward they need to keep pressuring the ball the entire game because this defense is the best part of Dukes game. They cannot go on a losing streak so next game is must win. Figure it the fuck out. Losing on -10 and betting them live to hurts way more.