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I'm Quite Aggravated With Mark Turgeon Right Now And Do Not Believe He Should Coach The Maryland Terrapins Any Longer

Maryland just lost an extremely winnable game to a very sub-par Wisconsin team. The type of game you need to win. You just need wins like this to prove you are a real contender, a serious player come March. And Maryland never wins these games under Mark Turgeon. Year after year after year. And why did this happen? A botched inbound play, of course. Maryland turning the ball over under Wisconsin’s basket is so fucking Mark Turgeon it hurts.

And then just no sort of play drawn up for the game tying or winning shot whatsoever.

Just a long ass 3 from Cowan without a care in the world. And that was game.

The loss is annoying, but you can get over a road loss in the Big 10. What is more annoying is this isn’t isolated. This is a recurring episode we’ve seen for the last decade under Turgeon and literally nothing has changed. He doesn’t know how to calls plays on offense. His teams are always sloppy and turning the ball over constantly. We get off to the slowest possible starts and dig a hole to get out of. A team loaded with 4 and 5 star players never seem to gel as a unit. And it’s every single year.

Tonight was just the same old shit we’ve seen time and time again. A terrible loss. And it looks like not only does Turgeon have the coaching yips, but the guys on the court don’t play with confidence at all. They just look lost all the time. So many individually good players, none who seem to know how to play together.

I’m sure Turge’ll finish off the year, but he shouldn’t. Everyone is lost. The team has talent but needs a new perspective and a spark lit under them. Turgeon can’t do that.

It’s this same feeling every year too. So much hype, so many prized recruits, zero results on the court. I just want to see a freaking Final Four! I was in 8th grade when the Terps won the National Championship, I’d like to actually see it in person!

Maryland used to be a basketball school, a powerhouse, a team nobody wanted to play. Now we lose games on the regular and get laughed at. I long for the Steve Blake and Juan Dixon days. I want that feel again. I want us to be feared again. Nobody is fearing Mark Turgeon though. And that’s why he needs to go.