BlackJack's Friday Laurel Park Pick Five and Bonus Picks

It's Friday, and even though it's cold as anything here in New York City, it's still a beautiful day because we are on the precipice of the weekend. Sweet freedom is just a few short hours away. What better way to spend your Friday afternoon than gambling on the ponies? Today we are headed to suburban Washington, D.C. and Laurel Park for their late Pick Five. This one starts in the Fourth Race, so make sure you punch your tickets correctly. Let's head into the weekend as winners, brother.

BlackJack's Laurel Park Pick Five:

Race Four: This Pick Five features several wide open races, so we are trying to get coverage wherever we can. My top choice in this race is (5) Splendor Gal out of Paynter. I will also use (1), (2), (6) and (7).

Race Five: Expect the (3) My Lila to go right to the lead in this one. She has the speed to wire the field, but if she gets caught let's use (1), (5), (6), (7) as the ones to do it.

Race Six: When you need lots of coverage in multiple races, you need some singles. Here's our first one. The (4) Justwaveandsmile takes a drop in class for trainer Dale Capuano and it should be enough to finally get the job done as the favorite.

Race Seven: Our second single is the (6) Beautiful Maiden. This horse has everything you want. Thirteen career lifetime wins, wins at this track, a barn that is hitting at a nice clip. There is simply nothing to dislike here.

Race Eight: I like the (8) Fix Me A Sandwich best here. Again this horse should be up front and the last three times he's run, he's been the victor. Also using the (1), (4), (5) and (9).

BlackJack's Laurel Park Pick Five: 1,2,5,6,7/1,3,5,6,7/4/6/1,4,5,8,9

Ticket Cost: $62.50

BlackJack's Bonus Picks of the Day:

Carolina Hurricanes Puck Line -1.5 (+115)

Philadelphia 76'ers -7

Niagara +6

Alright, let's cash these tickets and head into the weekend flush, baby!