BlackJack’s Saturday Pick Four and Bonus Picks

It’s Saturday and that means we have spectacular race cards on the horizon. There’s good racing everywhere in the country today and I’ve got my eyes set on Laurel Park again. We almost hit a massive Pick Five yesterday, so let’s go to the well once more and try for a juicy Pick Four.

BlackJack’s Laurel Late Pick Four:

Race Six: I favor the (1) Brother Chub because of the drop in class here today. Also using (2) and (5-7).

Race Seven: I like the first time starter (9) Sweet Talking Girl because of the combo of trainer Graham Motion and rider Trevor McCarthy. Also include (2-4) and (6).

Race Eight: This shapes up as a two horse duel between the (6) and (8). Use both.

Race Nine: I like the (9) Alpha Test best here but am also using (1), (3) and (5).

BlackJack’s Laurel Late Pick Four: 1,2,5,6,7/2,3,4,6,9/6,8/1,3,5,9

Ticket Cost: $100

BlackJack’s Bonus Picks:

Philadelphia 76’ers -3.5

Calgary/Ottawa Under 6

DePaul +4

Florida Gators -2.5

Kansas State +5.5

Let’s cash some tickets, baby!