The Pegasus Just Became the 2nd Most Important Race of the Day on Saturday

So I’m on my way to Miami for the Pegasus Cup at Gulfstream on Saturday.  This is of course another annual tradition for Elio and I in our horse racing adventures.   (Shoutout to Elio for making these custom for the weekend. That’s how you know it’s real)

Anyway in a pleasant surprise Cross Border who is responsible for my only winners circle in Saratoga as well as responsible for me betting on him and winning when I didn’t know I owned him is entered in the 10th on Saturday which is a 200k stake.  Talk about karma.  I mean I don’t want but I need an Elio/Portnoy Inc winners circle photo.   Hell any Stoolies that are at Gulfstream on Saturday can jump in it if Cross Border wins.  

Saturday can’t get here fast enough.

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