BlackJack and Lo Duca Have THREE Pick Fours Today Including PENN NATIONAL

EDIT: Paul's Sam Houston play has been updated due to scratches.

What a day for Barstool Sports. What a day to be alive, brother. The idea of us partnering with a gambling company was exciting enough, but for it to be Penn National is absolutely thrilling for me and Paul. We love casinos, we love horse racing and those are two things that Penn National does exceptionally well. This is truly a match made in heaven for us and I can't wait to see what opportunities are in store for us and of course for you, the Stoolies. In the midst of all this excitement, Paul and I decided to each put out a Pick Four and then we decided to give you a joint Penn National night time Pick Four as well. This is a great day that can only be made better by winning, so let's get to the business of winning.

BlackJack's Gulfstream Pick Four: 

Lo Duca's Sam Houston Pick Four:

BlackJack and Lo Duca's Penn National Pick Four:

Let's. Cash. Some. Tickets.