Narrator: He Figured It Out

It's just amazing how some things work out, huh? On the day the federal ban on sports betting was lifted, a light bulb went off in Dave Portnoy's head that said "I'm about to be so fucking rich...I just don't know how". Now, keep in mind Dave was already rich. But he also loves to gamble, and let's just say you would also be rich if you faded his gambling picks over the years. He also bought a race horse that was put down on the track. Not because it got hurt or anything but because it was so slow it sullied the name of race horses everywhere. They just couldn't fathom someone bought a race horse that ran in place. So needless to say, Dave was looking for a way to make more money, and he knew his bread and butter, sports betting, was it. He says in that blog:

I know everything there is to know about sports gambling. I’ve easily lost mid 7 figures in my lifetime gambling (humble brag that makes me want to puke) but it should all be worth it now because Barstool and myself are primed to take advantage of this legislation. The only problem is I just don’t know how yet. Is it by making sports bars like Darren Rovell tweeted about? Is it me being the face of an online sports book? Is it us getting a cut of the action? Is it opening our own sportsbook? What is realistic and what isn’t? I have no fucking clue. 

And wouldn't you know it, a year and a half later, he figured out how to get filthy rich. Generationally rich. Rich enough that Glenny will be able to eat 2 chicken sandwiches without getting in trouble next time. Yeah, THAT rich.

It's crazy how far this company has come. I was the 9th full time employee when I was hired in October of 2013. I was the first full time blogger hired after Dan took over in Chicago. And now the company is 200 people deep, it's crazy. Even Smash Mouth, yes, THE Smash Mouth, congratulated Dave and Barstool today

That's when you know you've made it.

Now if everyone would please stop clicking like on the tweet directly below Dave's tweet...

I said don't click like on it! What are you guys doing?!

But seriously, today is a huge day for Barstool and I'm just glad I've been along for a big part of the ride and I'm very proud of the *actual* talented people who work here who made it all possible. And Gaz too.