My Official Super Bowl Bets; It Is Going To Be A Long Day
As a Journalist I needed to do my research and I had to start with the most important bet. This starts the night off right or you are fucked.  I am getting a lot of "inside" information on this and she keeps hitting 1:49 and 1:50. I don't give a fuck what these people say, I have done the research and she loves the big moment. She retweeted a tweet of hers about wanting to sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl, you don't think she is going to drag this shit out you are crazy. Watch the Royals vs Mets World Series performance she takes in the crowd so take the over. Also she will be concentrating a lot because she left the club at 6am last night.
Over 1:57 
Coin Flip - People say its a 50/50 chance. I say fuck you, it is going to be heads. It has been Tails the past 4 years. Heads time to shine.
Heads -110
I understand the juice here is a lot but sprinkle it because it is free money. Demi Lovato will be using a mic stand during the National Anthem. You have to be an absolute maniac to be going rougue for the biggest stage.
Yes -240 Mic Stand 
The MVP is a tough one this year because if chiefs win it will defiantly be Mahomes but if the 9ers win I have no idea who it will be. I think Mahomes has to thank his family 1st or hell be in real trouble with his girlfriend and brother but he also is religious so he may thank god.
Family +570 
God/Religion +200  
This is a layup. Andy Reid doesn't understand the concept of timeouts. Especially in the first half so this is too easy.
Team to be Charged with 1st Timeout- Cheifs -110 
So I have a couple more but I have ADD and can't focus and wanted to get everyone my main bets. For the game though, I have been going back and forth all week. Kittle is the only reason I want the 49ers to win but fuck that I want the money. I think the Chiefs Defense is better than people think and their offense will be the 49ers biggest test. I may or may not have heard Patrick Mahomes on a personal phone call saying there is no chance they lose. If I did hear that it swayed me right away Even though its obvious the quarterback of the team is going to say that but fuck it. Go Chiefs.
Chiefs -1 
There is too many fun props to bet but all of these are winners so lets ride together. Happy gambling shit bags.