Gambling On The State Of The Union

First off, I get it, a lot of people don't like to discuss politics, so let's not discuss them, let's gamble on the mother fucker.  

Here's how you do that, you go to PredictIt just click on that link right there, and if you create an account and deposit at least $20 you get a free $20 no strings attached, no minimum bets or bonus rollover amounts etc.  Oh yeah and it's totally legal in all 50 states, I use my checking account to deposit and withdrawal, so I'm fucked if they ever get hacked, but until then I'm living the dream.

So today let's talk about Donald Trump's 'State Of The Union' address which is happening tonight.  Below are four markets you can bet on, and before that let me drop in a handy conversion sheet, so you can easily tell the odds. PredictIt works like the stock market and each line is between 1 cent a share and 99 cent a share with each cent being roughly equivalent to a percent per penny.

PredictIt Odds to Sports Betting Odds

1st Bet:

As you can see people are thinking, 'No' here as Donald will have to say "exonerate" or some form of that word.  For sure he's likely to addressed the "witch hunt" and "acquittal" but "exonerate" is a long shot.  Still at +400 odds or 20 cents a share if you think he will say it hit this market hard.

2nd Bet:

As you can see '80-84' minutes is the favorite here and that's because the last SOTU address went 82 minutes.  That was the third longest SOTU in history I believe, but if you ask me I think he goes even longer tonight. There is just so much going on, the foreign stuff, the trial, the election, the Super Bowl, the stock markets up today, coronavirus.... I'm going with 'No' on 80-84 and 'Yes' on '90-94.'

3rd Bet:

The last SOTU address had 104 applauses.  This is probably the toughest one to bet on and as you can see it's spread pretty evenly, so the bettors so far agree with me. I would probably bet 'No' on '89 times or fewer' at 87 cents to try and win 12 cents a share here if you're going to bet on this one.

Last Bet:

Saved the best for last. This market is the coolest one I have seen on PredictIt to date. It's not an easy one but God Damned if it wouldn't be fun to sit at home and count the amount of times Trump says 'America' or any form of 'America.' while drinking Budweisers. Yep talked myself into it just now, that's what I'll be doing tonight, that was easy.  Oh Trump said Merica 78 times last SOTU for what it's worth so I'd bet 'No' on '64 or fewer.'

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