New Hampshire Democratic Debate Pre-Show

The live stream is up: 

Come join us from 7:30-8 PM Eastern to discuss the disaster in the Iowa Caucus, what's going to happen tonight, INCLUDING all of our bets on the PredictIt debate markets, what the fuck is going on with Michael Bloomberg's campaign, and Debate Drinking Game Rules (including, but not limited to the following):

  • Every time Yang gets skipped over
  • Every time Bernie or Liz Warren say millionaire or billionaire
  • Anytime anyone says "healthcare"
  • Anytime a moderator says “excuse me your time is up”
  • Anytime Joe Biden stumbles on his words
  • Anytime Trump is attacked 
  • If Biden’s dentures fall out - finish drink
  • If a protest occurs -  finish drink
  • If Andrew Yang brings up the Trucker again -finish drink
  • When Tom Steyer says “I’d declare a state of emergency day 1” tell the other people in the room the thing you’re most mad about today personally and then finish your drink

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