Cardale Jones Got MVP Chants After His First Two (2) Completions - The XFL Is Amazing

I didn't know what to think of the XFL going into today, but I'm all in. This kickoff setup? Incredible. What in the world is happening? Not sure, but don't care. This is the new way to play football. 

The returning team's blockers have no idea when to start actually blocking. They just have to react to the kicking team. Incredible.

Cardale Jones threw two (2) completions on the DC Defenders opening drive and got MVP chants. He's the face of the league and I wouldn't want anything else. 

There's clearly no concern for CTE or concussions. 

We've also got spreads and totals on the scoreboard too! 

I can't wait for the first double forward pass. The world isn't ready. Just sit back, drink a zillion beers, gamble responsibly, and watch some football on this fine Saturday. PFT will be in this league before you know it.