Is UNC Ruining The Rivalry Against Duke?

First of all I feel like this stat isn’t being talked about enough. How does this even make sense but this just proves that it is one of the best rivalries in sports. The year in 2020 and UNC is actively trying to ruin a great thing. How do you expect this great Duke team to get up against a shitty team like UNC. All I heard going into the season was Cole Anthony is going to run the ACC, he is going to take down Duke. They are fighting for an invitation to the fucking NIT this year and I am hearing they might have to cancel their program because they are so bad.

This is usually a holiday for me. I would set up snacks, drinks and have myself a night. Now I feel like we are about to play fucking Wake Forest and they should be embarrassed. Can you imagine the team you hate the most is a seven point favorite coming into your house. Duke can come and legit shit on center court and UNC wouldn’t do anything about it.

Free money tonight is Duke -7.5, don’t be scared of the Rivalry because it doesn’t even count this year. Roy Williams that sad sack of rat forgot that he had to recruit more guys than just Cole Anthony. Cassius Stanley will lock him up and Vernon Carey will have 20 and 10. This will be a walk in the park so hammer Duke.