The State Of Virginia Is Extremely Close To Legalizing Sports Betting

Virginia from the top rope! Love to see this. It's so crazy how quickly some states can move to get stuff done if they really want to. Virginia started talking about legalizing sports betting last week and then today the House and the Senate both passed bills. Just like that. 

Why did they do it? Well, looks like Danny Snyder is going to get his way:

The game is the game. And so Virginia wasted no time and pushed sports betting right on through the House and the Senate. Now they'll meet up, hash out some details, and we can expect to have a finalized bill on the Governor's desk in no time. Just like that. Oh, and if someone has a connection to the lawmakers, tell them to tack Internet Poker onto this bad boy. If we're legalizing sports betting we might as well legalizing online poker as well. It's all the same. I'll never understand doing one but not the other, so hey @VirginiaLawMakers, legalize online poker too. Thanks.

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