Bet 2020: Feel the Bern, Cash the Tickets, Repeat

Welcome back to another edition of Bet 2020: Positive Vibes only. Go to the Barstool 20 Promo at PredictIt to get your first $20 matched in the stock market of politics and start cashing these tickets with us.

If you’ve been following along, you may have been fucked out of a Bernie ticket in Iowa (unless you took dark horse Mayor Pete), but then you’ve cashed several debate market tickets last week... and another Huge one today - some got it as good as EVEN ODDS back at the original tip on the Hard Factor Podcast, Presented by Barstool News Network - Bernie Sanders has won in New Hampshire. Which means, it’s time to take that new filthy cash and get it back in the market to grow it some more.

What I’m playing next (and current odds in PredictIt Share Price/Vegas Odd Estimate about 8 AM PT 2/13/20)

Bernie… I’m backing my original Bernie nomination pick back at 18 cents/+450, with more plays on Bernie, some paying big, some small, but I think Bernie is about to run away with it. You can still get him at a double up for the nomination!! 

As the Star Spangled Gamblers point out, Bernie is about to destroy Nevada after having his way with New Hampshire. After all, Vegas kinda owes him one after that whole heart attack he had there last year, and as Vegas goes, so does the state. Also, I live in Reno and the Bernie campaign is the only one who's come door knocking to me. Bernie is back from the hospital bed, and I like him in the following markets (all closing by Super Tuesday, March 3):

-Bernie to Win Nevada @ 74 cents/-290

-Bernie to Win California @ 77 cents/-325

-Bernie to Win Colorado @ 74 cents/-290

-Bernie to Win Maine @ 79 cents/-400

-Bernie to Win Texas @ 58 cents/-125

-Bernie to Win Virginia @ 45 cents/+122

These wins would lock in the original Sanders pick for the overall nomination, and they may not all hit, but I like Bernie’s chances in each of those states. I have hedged with Klobuchar in Virginia as well, and still think that FADING BLOOMBERG FOR THE NOMINATION IS FREE MONEY.

There’s tons of other states out there to bet on besides these, but I wanted to rush and get my Bernie win states in as quick as possible after the win in New Hampshire.

Be back soon with a South Carolina pick, and others for Super Tuesday on March 3 when 16 markets or more will close. GO to the Barstool 20 Promo at PredictIt to get your first $20, and get in on the action. As always, a reminder that President Trump is at 53 cents/-120 on a repeat term… still almost a double-up, and that's a great value as well.