Backdoor Cover Me And Call Me Sally!!

This is a one in a million chance for me because I am always on the other side of this bullshit so let me enjoy it. I counted this as a loss early and Seton Hall shit the bed so I was in some trouble. I take a quick glance and these crazy shit bags Xavier went on a little run. The last possession was the weirdest one I have ever see. Buddy was bringing up the court like he had 10 minutes to spare but the impossible happened and Xavier hits a wild three and I get arroused.

Games like this can turn your betting week around so lets hit the gas pedal. Also richochet shot by me with that one fella who had one piece of hair on his head. My hairline is almost at my ass but somebody help the guy out and trim it off. So sorry for that shot but thank you to Xavier for not fouling at the end because that would have been a federal crime.

Ps. Sorry if you had Butler but Ive been there too many times to care.