Quack Quack: February 13th CBB Picks

YTD ATS Record: 35-35

Last night was a real kick in the cock. I couldn't even hit the picks I bet that weren't on my card. Losers losers losers everywhere. Villanova collapsed and didn't cover. Georgia got their doors blown off. Myles Powell got locked the fuck down. Nightmare of a night. But fuck all that. I LOVE a few of these games tonight. Let's get it. 

UCF +3 vs Wichita State

Last night we were thinking square. Tonight we're thinking sharp. UCF is the sharp play here. Any simpleton can jump all over Wichita State and think about the Final Four run they had 7 years ago and the nice little run they had the few years proceeding that.  This Wichita State team is not the same team of old. They're not horrible by any means they're still 17-6 but they've shown a ton of vulnerability in the conference. I'm grabbing my big ole nut sack, slapping it on the table to a thunderous thump and taking UCF with the 3 points in Orlando. 

Jacksonville State -3 @ Tennessee Tech

This is my mid-major play of the day. With all the shitty college basketball games tonight I had to give you a pick in one of them. My good friend Martin Mush reminded me of an excellent hit we had earlier this season on day basketball with Jacksonville State and I couldn't be more chipper to go back to the well here. Tennessee Tech is atrocious and I couldn't be less intimidated by a Tennessee Tech crowd in Cookevile, Tennessee. Go Cocks. 

Indiana -2 vs Iowa

My logic on this game is a few things. All year Big Ten home teams have CRUSHED. I have been dominant picking my spots against the trend (Illinois +200 and Penn State +170 not big deal) but the trend is a trend for a reason. Secondly, Indiana needs this game BAD. They've lost four games in a row in conference and really need a win to keep themselves in the tournament mix. Iowa has also not been nearly as good on the road as they have been at home and at times this season have gotten run out of the gym by faster more athletic teams. Indiana gets a home win here in a packed house for the Hoosiers. 

Oregon -4 vs Colorado 

I'm over betting on Colorado. I didn't wanna have to use the F word on them but in this case I think I have no choice. Colorado is a FRAUD basketball team. Yeah, I said it. They're only good wins are over Dayton and Oregon both over a month ago and in games that McKinley Wright IV scored 21 and 29. Obviously beating Dayton is nothing to slouch at but I simply do not believe in this team. It was a fluke. I'm calling it now Colorado is a team that will get bounced in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. I love Payton Pritchard and the Ducks at home on that weird looking court they have. Pritchard vs Wright IV is gonna be a fantastic point guard battle. If he shows up big like that again and goes for over 20 and they win and I'll eat my words and pack them square up my ass. But there's something about this Colorado team that's off for me and I think there's a good chance they get exposed tonight.