Your Sunday Scaries Could Be Worse, You Coulda Gotten Hit With These Bad Beats Over The Weekend


The only thing worse than getting straight flush over straight flushed in a 2/5 game is getting straight flush over straight flushed in a 2/5 game without a bad beat jackpot. Again, VOMIT. Usually you root for that outcome because the card room runs a promotion where if there is an extremely bad beat like that and you lose, you end up winning the "bad beat jackpot" and taking home a huge bag. Not in this case though. Just had the 76cc lose to the QJcc on 89Tcc board as if it was any other hand. Gross.

And here's another fun one from the weekend, with a much happier outcome:

Besides how ugly those cards are...honestly, what the fuck are those cards...that's a pretty good outcome for our pocket aces. Flop the set, and boat up on the river. As I just mentioned the BBJ, some casinos also have the Mini-bad beat jackpot, which was activated here. The qualifiers for each differ casino to casino, but this one had the mBBJ for Aces full beat by better, so despite losing to the flopped royal, the loser in this hand still made himself a pretty $18k. Ah, the balance of life, right?

I've been thinking about doing a Sunday night "Sunday Scaries/Bad Beat of the Week" type blog series or something. Still need to define it and figure it out, but this is a good start. It can be like Confessions (RIP) where people leave their Bad Beat of the Week in the new and revamped comment section, up to you. 

But hey, if you're ever playing some cards and see bad beats like that, snap a pic and send it on over to the CA Instagram account to be featured. 

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