All The Time We Get Asked How To Get Better At Poker...Here's Part Of The Answer

Every day we get DMs with some sort of variation of the question "how do I get better at poker?" People ask what books to read, what websites to use, all that stuff. Well we answer these questions all the time on the show and now we'll put them into quick clips called #JustTheTipTuesday so you can get knowledge quickly every Tuesday.

So what's the answer to the above question about beating low stakes?

Generally, if you are struggling beating the game you're playing in, it's because you aren't doing the work necessary. We hear all the time about "everyone at low stakes plays so crazy, I would be better at higher stakes" and that simply isn't true. The low stakes players are not as technically sound and do not have the knowledge of the game higher stakes players have. The games only get harder as you move up, so if you can't beat your current stakes, you can't beat the bigger ones either.

So what do you do? You start over from the basics and begin learning the fundamentals all over again. There are plenty of online resources about how to play and beat cash games and tournaments- I would suggest RunItOnce, which is Phil Galfond's training site, but there are plenty others as well. 

It takes a ton of work to move up and consistently beat the games. But if you go to the casino and you're in over your head at the 1/2 game, take a step back, look in the mirror, and recognize you have a lot of leaks that need to be patched in order to be a successful poker player. I do this all the time…though I don't spend nearly enough time actually learning and improving and getting better. I will leading up to the WSOP though, for sure.

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