Bet 2020: Super Tuesday Betting Guide

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Before I get going on the Democratic winners, here is your reminder that Trump is at 56 Cents a Share (Roughly -130) to repeat in 2020; and a GREAT strategy in any election is to take the "NO" on Mike Bloomberg to win if it's ever down in the 80 Cent range because he's not winning shit, that's a free 20 Cents!

If you're riding with me, we've bee doing pretty good in 2020 elections so far (debates aside). I thought I lost Bernie in Iowa, but he may have won that pending a re-count, and if you’ve been taking my picks you cashed Nevada and New Hampshire, and are looking set to take all of California, Colorado, Maine, Texas, Virginia, and the overall nomination as well (all going up for Bernie wins, hopefully). 

So suck on that “SportsME23” ever since you gave my podcast that 1-star review I basically haven’t missed a pick*, but I do agree with you that we have good rapport (SUBSCRIBE TO HARD FACTOR). And look, I’m just like any other person out here that’s going to get way too confident on a heater and lose money on the Debates this last Tuesday night, but that’s how it goes, and in the elections I’ve called it right so far so I’m looking to get back on track with South Carolina and Super Tuesday.

South Carolina (Sat. Feb 29)

This is a great example of why you should avoid making a pick on toss-up states until right before the election if you can (or stick to your guns if you knew all along). Bernie had come close to even with Biden in some polls in South Carolina, and PredictIt bettors got very high on him… until they heard the boos at the debate on Tuesday night, and Joe was there to sop up all the sympathy laughs with jokes about how he’s suffering elder abuse at the hands of all his competitors, and he’s just a good ole' boy trying to make it in this mixed up crazy world...

Joe's strategy worked to a “T” - Biden didn’t really have to do much besides yell “Here’s the Deal” over and over again, make fun of how everyone thinks he’s losing his mind because he’s elderly and decrepit, and it rallied the South Carolina crowd to remind the state why he’s been their front-runner all along, and how they don't like socialists. In fact, they seem to not like socialists all up and down the Sun Belt for the most part. Biden looks to win South Carolina by more than 10%, which takes us to Super Tuesday.

Super Tuesday (March 3)

Next Tuesday is what's going to separate the cream from the crop, someone's gotta rise to the top, so let’s try and forecast how Super Tuesday will go. We have to assume that Sanders suffers a crushing defeat in South Carolina headed into the big day... 

As we already covered, not only do I think Bernie is similar to the Macho Man, I’m in on Sanders in wins in California, Colorado, Maine, Texas, Virginia if you want to ride those existing Super Tuesday picks, but here are my other picks for the big day:

 - Alabama - Biden up to 90 Cents

 - Arkansas - Biden up to 70 Cents

- Massachusetts - Bernie up to 75 Cents

- Minnesota - Amy K up to 60 Cents

- North Carolina - Bernie up to 50 Cents

- Oklahoma - Biden up to 50 Cents

- Tennessee - Biden up to 70 Cents

- Utah - Bernie, no bet stock to high

- Vermont: Bernie, no bet stock too high

Be sure to watch the new Hard Factor PredictIt picks show coming out tomorrow, to get picks from the rest of the hosts as well!

Don’t forget to use our Barstool 20 Deal at PredictIt to get your first $20 matched in the stock market of politics if you want to play