I've Been Trying For 10 Years To Get 1 Million Points In A Game And I Might Never Get There

There it is, the saddest screenshot I've ever taken. You might be thinking "wow, over 900,000 points! No matter what game that is in, 900,000 seems like a lot of points!". And you wouldn't be wrong. It certainly is a lot of points. In fact, it's the most points I've ever gotten. But that's why it's the saddest screenshot I've ever taken.

You see, I've played this game Drop 7, no joke, every day for 10 years, with my only goal being to get 1,000,000 points. I've played at weddings, funerals (RIP grandma), while watching TV, while having sex (jk I don't do that lol), all the time. And all I've ever wanted was to hit the 1 million point mark (Blitz Mode only obviously).

And yesterday morning I thought I had it.

I thought my dream was finally about to come true. And I BLEW IT. Absolutely blew it Asa Akira style. In 10 years of playing the game I've gotten over 900,000 points now twice. Who knows if I'll ever get back there. I think I'm going to die before I get a million points and I do not say that lightly. Even worse, I know it's possible because a couple times a year people tweet me screenshots to let me know 

Crazy though. Took him 10 years too. So in a way it gives me hope that I'll one day get there.

Getting 939,000 is easily the worst beat I've ever taken. Easily. All I want to do is get 1 mil and stop playing this game. But alas, it just hasn't been in the cards. Maybe I'll get it this…decade. 

We talk about this on the newest episode of Cracking Aces.

We were also joined by poker crusher and WPT TV host Tony Dunst to talk about a wide array of things such as how to study and improve at poker, being banned from Australia, how to make poker on TV better, and much more.

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